LA Times Adores Assisted Loving and Hates Cover

I really can’t complain about this rave review. All I can say is I wish I had a picture of my father that evokes half the laughs the guy on the cover of Assisted Loving does. He is the grandfather of my dear friend Gillian Laub, a great photographer – And he has the same vitality (and questionable manners) in eating that sandwich as my father did. The man on the cover of my book could have been any of the sociable, sensational senior men flapping around my father’s Palm Beach paradise all winter. And what I love about him is that he evokes a response from the younger people I want to attract to my book. They’re the ones who need to have a sense of humor about aging parents. Maybe the man on my cover isn’t subtle, but he’s lovable with an instantly recognizable joie de vivre on his face. I’ll keep him!

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