Assisted Loving on NPR’s Fresh Air

It was lovely talking to Terry Gross on Fresh Air about Assisted Loving in late May, when the book came out. She responded to my true tales about my Dad deeply – and said my relationship with my father reminded her of her relationship with hers. Her questions, so aptly put and so carefully based on what I worked so hard to write – made me well up in the studio. I have never been to therapy, but this was perilously close. She was so well prepared, so willing to explore the dark corners of the guilt and selfishness we all feel about our parents. How could I not be a little ferklempt? From the response to the show, I could tell I hit a nerve. What is it like to learn to both love your father and like him in his later years? How do you face the fact that he isn’t young anymore, and yet he still wants love in his 80s? In this short-order, sound-bite-crazy culture, Terry Gross is a national hero and a great friend to new authors. She is the quiet voice of care and intention we all wish we could hear from parents, siblings, teachers, neighbors and friends all the time. Here’s the clip of Assisted Loving and Fresh Air – check out the entire episode here.