Bagels and Links

Dad, Joe Morris was always ready for his closeup. He was also very keen on telling me what to write as a journalist. Here are some of things I published about him in the New York Times and on NPR’s All Things Considered. As you can see, he was my part-time muse:

8 Rules for Dating My Dad

SWM, 81, Seeks Happiness

The 139 Steps

To Dad, Anytime

Mirth, in Honor of Dad

Like Father (Gross!), Like Son (Yuck!)

The Material Dad

Dad’s War

My Fashionless Dad

Here are some reads about seniors, dating, love, aging and more:
You and Your Aging Parent

A Family Guide to Emotional, Social, Health,
and Financial Problems

Barbara Silverstone and Helen Kandel Hyman

This book is for anyone with questions, guilt and regrets. I serve as commentator throughout, telling tales and spilling my guts about my folks in their last years.

Some helpful articles:
Alive, Well and on the Prowl, It’s the Geriatric Mating Game
Is 80 the new young? 80 ‘oldies’ sound off
Many Found Sexually Active Into the 70s
Remarriage in Late Adulthood

Father / Son Reads
First You Get Old and Then You Die – David Shields
The Bill From My Father – Bernard Cooper
Another Night in Suck City – Nick Flynn
And When Did You Last See Your Father? – Blake Morrison

You MUST know:

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